ISP Transparency Survey

Let us know about your ISP and the plan you have with them

The Basics

Do you have the option of choosing another provider?In many locations people don’t have a choice. If your other options were much worse, choose No

Setup Process

Were you able to sign up online without calling on the phone?Some providers let you start the process online but require a phone call to actually get service
Did a technician need to come to your home to setup service?Some providers offer a self-install option
Did you have to sign a contract that locks you in for a period of time?Some providers lock you into a contract that come with large cancellation fees

What you pay

What type of internet service do you have?If you don’t know, skip this question
What type of plan do you have?Usually bundling tv + internet saves money, but many households are now internet-only
Did you negotiate this price?Some providers are open to negotiations if they want to get or keep you as a customer

Hidden Fees

Do you have to pay an equipment fee?Many providers have additional fees if you use their modem or router
Did you need to pay a setup or installation fee?Most providers have a setup fee, but many waive the fee for new customers