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Putting The Data In Your Hands

Access to fast internet is a fundamental building block of economic opportunity in today’s world. Whether it’s going to school, learning from YouTube, or even working from home, those without access to internet are at a huge dissadvantage.

But then why is it that the Internet Service Providers(ISPs) in the United States provide little to no transparency around the speeds they are actually providing?

We have crunched billions of data points from both government and private datasets to create what we believe to be the most accurate dataset of internet speeds by provider in the United States.

How We’re Different

RealSpeeds was built to be different than every other internet provider search website out there. We don’t make money by getting you to sign up for the cable company, our goal is instead to create the best and most accurate dataset of internet speeds possible. We don’t make any money from the providers, so we can show you the actual data.

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Real Speeds from Real People

The speeds we show you are from real people running real speed tests. This is not marketing for the internet providers.

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Zip Code By Zip Code Analysis

Internet speeds vary from city to city, and house to house. We recognize this, so our analysis is as fine-grained as possible.

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It’s Not About The Maximum

Too many websites focus on the maximum speeds that you can get, but not the distribution of speeds that you actually do.