Internet Speeds in Wyoming

CityDownload SpeedUpload SpeedProviders
Afton45 Mbps13 Mbps2 providers
Aladdin47 Mbps8 Mbps1 providers
Albin131 Mbps108 Mbps1 providers
Alpine63 Mbps20 Mbps2 providers
Alta4 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
Alva7 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
Arapahoe137 Mbps49 Mbps2 providers
Arvada12 Mbps1 Mbps2 providers
Auburn22 Mbps4 Mbps1 providers
Baggs87 Mbps50 Mbps1 providers
Banner27 Mbps1 Mbps2 providers
Basin180 Mbps16 Mbps1 providers
Bedford20 Mbps6 Mbps1 providers
Beulah23 Mbps7 Mbps2 providers
Big Horn92 Mbps3 Mbps3 providers
Big Piney29 Mbps3 Mbps3 providers
Boulder27 Mbps4 Mbps1 providers
Buckhorn11 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
Buffalo99 Mbps9 Mbps5 providers
Burns47 Mbps15 Mbps4 providers
Carpenter47 Mbps41 Mbps3 providers
Casper151 Mbps36 Mbps3 providers
Cheyenne139 Mbps11 Mbps4 providers
Chugwater3 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
Clearmont325 Mbps182 Mbps1 providers
Cody166 Mbps9 Mbps2 providers
Cora18 Mbps7 Mbps1 providers
Crowheart18 Mbps11 Mbps1 providers
Dayton33 Mbps29 Mbps2 providers
Devils Tower5 Mbps2 Mbps1 providers
Diamondville16 Mbps1 Mbps2 providers
Douglas69 Mbps14 Mbps1 providers
Dubois49 Mbps35 Mbps2 providers
Edgerton20 Mbps4 Mbps2 providers
Etna92 Mbps20 Mbps1 providers
Evanston28 Mbps4 Mbps3 providers
Evansville14 Mbps6 Mbps3 providers
Farson13 Mbps11 Mbps2 providers
Fort Laramie4 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
Fort Washakie27 Mbps32 Mbps2 providers
Gillette117 Mbps12 Mbps3 providers
Glendo3 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
Glenrock50 Mbps6 Mbps2 providers
Granite32 Mbps16 Mbps2 providers
Green River18 Mbps4 Mbps2 providers
Greybull80 Mbps14 Mbps1 providers
Grover322 Mbps47 Mbps1 providers
Guernsey22 Mbps3 Mbps2 providers
Hillsdale37 Mbps6 Mbps3 providers
Hudson77 Mbps18 Mbps2 providers
Hulett12 Mbps1 Mbps2 providers
Jackson134 Mbps17 Mbps2 providers
Kaycee23 Mbps4 Mbps2 providers
Kelly64 Mbps7 Mbps2 providers
Kemmerer20 Mbps6 Mbps2 providers
Kinnear17 Mbps6 Mbps1 providers
Kirby24 Mbps4 Mbps1 providers
La Barge29 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
La Grange45 Mbps4 Mbps1 providers
Lander102 Mbps10 Mbps3 providers
Laramie148 Mbps13 Mbps3 providers
Lingle392 Mbps408 Mbps1 providers
Lusk169 Mbps102 Mbps2 providers
Lyman176 Mbps72 Mbps1 providers
Manderson69 Mbps30 Mbps1 providers
Manville3 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
Meriden52 Mbps88 Mbps1 providers
Midwest40 Mbps26 Mbps2 providers
Mills58 Mbps23 Mbps3 providers
Moorcroft55 Mbps26 Mbps4 providers
Moose133 Mbps29 Mbps2 providers
Moran43 Mbps15 Mbps2 providers
Mountain View19 Mbps3 Mbps1 providers
Newcastle69 Mbps16 Mbps2 providers
Osage9 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
Pavillion81 Mbps8 Mbps3 providers
Pine Bluffs87 Mbps62 Mbps2 providers
Pinedale43 Mbps5 Mbps3 providers
Point of Rocks14 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
Powell76 Mbps11 Mbps1 providers
Ranchester295 Mbps130 Mbps3 providers
Rawlins147 Mbps13 Mbps2 providers
Riverton109 Mbps9 Mbps2 providers
Rock Springs31 Mbps7 Mbps3 providers
Rozet44 Mbps6 Mbps3 providers
Savery88 Mbps17 Mbps1 providers
Sheridan91 Mbps13 Mbps4 providers
Shoshoni22 Mbps7 Mbps2 providers
Smoot29 Mbps8 Mbps1 providers
Story77 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
Sundance37 Mbps17 Mbps3 providers
Superior19 Mbps2 Mbps1 providers
Teton Village42 Mbps26 Mbps2 providers
Thayne94 Mbps41 Mbps1 providers
Thermopolis72 Mbps16 Mbps2 providers
Torrington42 Mbps11 Mbps2 providers
Upton29 Mbps10 Mbps2 providers
Wamsutter15 Mbps13 Mbps2 providers
Weston85 Mbps80 Mbps1 providers
Wheatland8 Mbps1 Mbps2 providers
Wilson46 Mbps5 Mbps3 providers
Worland79 Mbps30 Mbps2 providers
Wright80 Mbps12 Mbps2 providers
Wyarno10 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
Yoder3 Mbps9 Mbps1 providers
* Data from speed tests taken in the last 3 months