Internet Speeds in Oregon

CityDownload SpeedUpload SpeedProviders
Albany88 Mbps8 Mbps4 providers
Alsea10 Mbps5 Mbps1 providers
Amity10 Mbps2 Mbps4 providers
Arch Cape68 Mbps10 Mbps1 providers
Arlington9 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
Ashland89 Mbps11 Mbps3 providers
Astoria75 Mbps10 Mbps2 providers
Athena126 Mbps11 Mbps2 providers
Aumsville89 Mbps19 Mbps5 providers
Aurora63 Mbps8 Mbps5 providers
Azalea11 Mbps1 Mbps2 providers
Baker City89 Mbps11 Mbps2 providers
Bandon62 Mbps7 Mbps4 providers
Banks65 Mbps6 Mbps3 providers
Bay City46 Mbps21 Mbps2 providers
Beaver81 Mbps10 Mbps1 providers
Beavercreek263 Mbps11 Mbps1 providers
Beaverton119 Mbps48 Mbps3 providers
Bend93 Mbps10 Mbps2 providers
Blue River95 Mbps12 Mbps1 providers
Boardman6 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
Bonanza3 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
Boring43 Mbps6 Mbps3 providers
Brightwood22 Mbps2 Mbps2 providers
Brookings83 Mbps11 Mbps2 providers
Brownsville12 Mbps5 Mbps3 providers
Burns60 Mbps17 Mbps2 providers
Butte Falls38 Mbps7 Mbps1 providers
Buxton82 Mbps8 Mbps1 providers
Camas Valley63 Mbps25 Mbps1 providers
Camp Sherman1 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
Canby96 Mbps88 Mbps3 providers
Cannon Beach36 Mbps4 Mbps1 providers
Canyon City13 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
Canyonville53 Mbps6 Mbps3 providers
Carlton81 Mbps6 Mbps3 providers
Cascade Locks11 Mbps1 Mbps2 providers
Cave Junction8 Mbps2 Mbps4 providers
Central Point82 Mbps15 Mbps2 providers
Chiloquin27 Mbps13 Mbps3 providers
Christmas Valley6 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
Clackamas106 Mbps22 Mbps2 providers
Clatskanie21 Mbps2 Mbps4 providers
Cloverdale98 Mbps7 Mbps1 providers
Columbia City74 Mbps11 Mbps1 providers
Coos Bay108 Mbps34 Mbps3 providers
Coquille98 Mbps20 Mbps3 providers
Corbett287 Mbps24 Mbps1 providers
Cornelius53 Mbps37 Mbps4 providers
Corvallis83 Mbps9 Mbps3 providers
Cottage Grove94 Mbps12 Mbps3 providers
Cove49 Mbps52 Mbps3 providers
Crescent40 Mbps5 Mbps1 providers
Creswell71 Mbps7 Mbps3 providers
Culver42 Mbps22 Mbps1 providers
Dallas88 Mbps13 Mbps4 providers
Damascus49 Mbps21 Mbps3 providers
Days Creek58 Mbps55 Mbps2 providers
Dayton7 Mbps1 Mbps3 providers
Deer Island18 Mbps7 Mbps2 providers
Depoe Bay86 Mbps9 Mbps3 providers
Detroit25 Mbps2 Mbps1 providers
Dexter121 Mbps77 Mbps3 providers
Dillard9 Mbps4 Mbps1 providers
Donald7 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
Drain57 Mbps18 Mbps2 providers
Dundee27 Mbps11 Mbps3 providers
Eagle Creek90 Mbps14 Mbps2 providers
Eagle Point50 Mbps7 Mbps3 providers
Eddyville76 Mbps82 Mbps1 providers
Elgin75 Mbps41 Mbps3 providers
Elmira108 Mbps10 Mbps2 providers
Enterprise24 Mbps4 Mbps3 providers
Estacada113 Mbps23 Mbps1 providers
Eugene75 Mbps8 Mbps2 providers
Fairview68 Mbps17 Mbps2 providers
Falls City62 Mbps11 Mbps1 providers
Florence94 Mbps11 Mbps1 providers
Forest Grove96 Mbps74 Mbps3 providers
Fossil67 Mbps21 Mbps1 providers
Gales Creek1 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
Garibaldi14 Mbps2 Mbps2 providers
Gaston8 Mbps1 Mbps2 providers
Gates22 Mbps4 Mbps3 providers
Gervais96 Mbps4 Mbps1 providers
Gilchrist12 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
Gladstone98 Mbps10 Mbps1 providers
Glendale45 Mbps15 Mbps2 providers
Gleneden Beach26 Mbps6 Mbps3 providers
Glide46 Mbps14 Mbps2 providers
Gold Beach87 Mbps7 Mbps2 providers
Gold Hill61 Mbps7 Mbps2 providers
Grand Ronde34 Mbps10 Mbps2 providers
Grants Pass81 Mbps13 Mbps4 providers
Grass Valley24 Mbps11 Mbps1 providers
Gresham110 Mbps41 Mbps4 providers
Halsey12 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
Hammond83 Mbps7 Mbps1 providers
Happy Valley110 Mbps39 Mbps4 providers
Harrisburg30 Mbps6 Mbps3 providers
Hebo69 Mbps10 Mbps1 providers
Heppner5 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
Hermiston78 Mbps11 Mbps1 providers
Hillsboro115 Mbps46 Mbps3 providers
Hines17 Mbps4 Mbps2 providers
Hood River70 Mbps10 Mbps3 providers
Hubbard89 Mbps33 Mbps3 providers
Idanha290 Mbps90 Mbps1 providers
Idleyld Park11 Mbps6 Mbps2 providers
Independence27 Mbps6 Mbps5 providers
Ione52 Mbps22 Mbps1 providers
Irrigon35 Mbps32 Mbps1 providers
Jacksonville78 Mbps22 Mbps3 providers
Jefferson23 Mbps10 Mbps3 providers
John Day9 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
Jordan Valley1 Mbps5 Mbps1 providers
Joseph86 Mbps57 Mbps3 providers
Junction City14 Mbps2 Mbps3 providers
Keno56 Mbps3 Mbps1 providers
Kerby12 Mbps1 Mbps2 providers
Klamath Falls79 Mbps14 Mbps3 providers
La Grande94 Mbps40 Mbps4 providers
La Pine155 Mbps102 Mbps2 providers
Lafayette162 Mbps14 Mbps2 providers
Lake Oswego122 Mbps25 Mbps3 providers
Lakeside44 Mbps7 Mbps1 providers
Lakeview38 Mbps9 Mbps3 providers
Langlois33 Mbps2 Mbps2 providers
Lebanon56 Mbps6 Mbps4 providers
Lincoln City94 Mbps10 Mbps3 providers
Logsden101 Mbps8 Mbps1 providers
Lostine42 Mbps6 Mbps3 providers
Lowell13 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
Lyons70 Mbps4 Mbps2 providers
Madras67 Mbps6 Mbps1 providers
Malin2 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
Manzanita58 Mbps9 Mbps1 providers
Marcola55 Mbps5 Mbps2 providers
Maupin34 Mbps6 Mbps2 providers
McMinnville88 Mbps45 Mbps4 providers
Medford91 Mbps22 Mbps3 providers
Merlin51 Mbps9 Mbps2 providers
Mill City65 Mbps11 Mbps1 providers
Milton-Freewater67 Mbps9 Mbps3 providers
Molalla87 Mbps83 Mbps1 providers
Monmouth89 Mbps13 Mbps4 providers
Monroe8 Mbps1 Mbps2 providers
Moro7 Mbps6 Mbps1 providers
Mosier7 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
Mount Angel56 Mbps41 Mbps3 providers
Mulino79 Mbps73 Mbps1 providers
Myrtle Creek103 Mbps11 Mbps3 providers
Myrtle Point9 Mbps2 Mbps4 providers
Nehalem47 Mbps10 Mbps1 providers
Neotsu11 Mbps1 Mbps2 providers
Neskowin10 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
Newberg54 Mbps19 Mbps3 providers
Newport73 Mbps11 Mbps2 providers
North Bend168 Mbps124 Mbps4 providers
North Plains56 Mbps6 Mbps2 providers
North Powder19 Mbps10 Mbps1 providers
Nyssa43 Mbps5 Mbps4 providers
O'Brien6 Mbps1 Mbps2 providers
Oakland85 Mbps24 Mbps1 providers
Oakridge55 Mbps9 Mbps3 providers
Oceanside63 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
Ontario78 Mbps13 Mbps3 providers
Oregon City100 Mbps12 Mbps3 providers
Otis20 Mbps2 Mbps3 providers
Otter Rock32 Mbps6 Mbps2 providers
Pacific City49 Mbps5 Mbps2 providers
Paisley29 Mbps13 Mbps1 providers
Pendleton74 Mbps27 Mbps2 providers
Philomath31 Mbps4 Mbps3 providers
Phoenix114 Mbps61 Mbps2 providers
Pleasant Hill11 Mbps1 Mbps2 providers
Port Orford40 Mbps8 Mbps2 providers
Portland92 Mbps24 Mbps4 providers
Powell Butte44 Mbps10 Mbps1 providers
Powers10 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
Prineville55 Mbps14 Mbps1 providers
Prospect6 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
Rainier225 Mbps153 Mbps2 providers
Redmond91 Mbps15 Mbps2 providers
Reedsport64 Mbps12 Mbps2 providers
Rhododendron50 Mbps6 Mbps2 providers
Riddle52 Mbps7 Mbps1 providers
Rockaway Beach80 Mbps10 Mbps1 providers
Rogue River22 Mbps5 Mbps3 providers
Roseburg86 Mbps14 Mbps2 providers
Rufus132 Mbps179 Mbps1 providers
Salem100 Mbps11 Mbps3 providers
Sandy56 Mbps5 Mbps3 providers
Scappoose76 Mbps10 Mbps2 providers
Scio50 Mbps32 Mbps3 providers
Scotts Mills46 Mbps22 Mbps3 providers
Scottsburg47 Mbps19 Mbps1 providers
Seal Rock172 Mbps3 Mbps1 providers
Seaside81 Mbps11 Mbps2 providers
Selma11 Mbps2 Mbps2 providers
Shady Cove21 Mbps4 Mbps2 providers
Shedd8 Mbps13 Mbps1 providers
Sheridan69 Mbps24 Mbps3 providers
Sherwood117 Mbps39 Mbps3 providers
Siletz25 Mbps8 Mbps1 providers
Silverton49 Mbps12 Mbps4 providers
Sisters86 Mbps8 Mbps1 providers
South Beach108 Mbps9 Mbps2 providers
Springfield70 Mbps11 Mbps3 providers
St. Helens78 Mbps8 Mbps2 providers
St. Paul13 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
Stanfield34 Mbps3 Mbps2 providers
Stayton56 Mbps32 Mbps2 providers
Sublimity50 Mbps47 Mbps3 providers
Summerville9 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
Sutherlin94 Mbps11 Mbps3 providers
Sweet Home31 Mbps5 Mbps4 providers
Talent62 Mbps12 Mbps3 providers
Tangent8 Mbps2 Mbps1 providers
Tenmile15 Mbps8 Mbps1 providers
Terrebonne84 Mbps19 Mbps2 providers
The Dalles96 Mbps9 Mbps3 providers
Tidewater40 Mbps11 Mbps1 providers
Tillamook77 Mbps15 Mbps3 providers
Timber3 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
Toledo53 Mbps11 Mbps3 providers
Trail8 Mbps1 Mbps1 providers
Troutdale122 Mbps30 Mbps2 providers
Tualatin118 Mbps27 Mbps3 providers
Turner49 Mbps17 Mbps3 providers
Tygh Valley83 Mbps78 Mbps1 providers
Umatilla38 Mbps9 Mbps2 providers
Umpqua30 Mbps20 Mbps1 providers
Union18 Mbps2 Mbps4 providers
Vale80 Mbps8 Mbps3 providers
Veneta113 Mbps10 Mbps2 providers
Vernonia8 Mbps1 Mbps2 providers
Vida105 Mbps7 Mbps1 providers
Waldport36 Mbps8 Mbps1 providers
Wallowa70 Mbps27 Mbps2 providers
Walterville46 Mbps13 Mbps2 providers
Warm Springs7 Mbps4 Mbps1 providers
Warren58 Mbps6 Mbps2 providers
Warrenton70 Mbps9 Mbps2 providers
Wasco21 Mbps12 Mbps1 providers
Welches65 Mbps7 Mbps2 providers
West Linn108 Mbps12 Mbps2 providers
Westfir145 Mbps10 Mbps1 providers
Weston1 Mbps3 Mbps1 providers
Wheeler98 Mbps9 Mbps1 providers
White City39 Mbps10 Mbps3 providers
Wilhoit57 Mbps293 Mbps1 providers
Willamina100 Mbps28 Mbps2 providers
Williams21 Mbps16 Mbps4 providers
Wilsonville104 Mbps16 Mbps3 providers
Winchester79 Mbps50 Mbps2 providers
Winston51 Mbps15 Mbps3 providers
Wolf Creek5 Mbps1 Mbps3 providers
Woodburn70 Mbps15 Mbps4 providers
Yachats64 Mbps10 Mbps1 providers
Yamhill9 Mbps1 Mbps2 providers
Yoncalla61 Mbps11 Mbps3 providers
* Data from speed tests taken in the last 3 months